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Love Lust London

Near where the charter’d Thames does flow, single people everywhere are on a quest…

Whether finding ‘the one’ takes you to a sweaty nightclub, dusty bookshop, or you find yourself caught up in an underground encounter or office fling – modern city dating is a merry go round of Love, Lust and Loneliness.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, enjoy casual sex or see yourself as a forever spinster – Healthista will be bringing you the stories we can all resonate with when it comes to steering through our courting escapades.

On a more serious level of love and relationships, we hope that our LOVE, LUST, LONDON column will resonate with you all.

When it comes to your own personal journeys to love and ultimately happiness, we hope to provide you with passion and perspective through the cross-section of romantic relationships, mental health and our general wellbeing that is yet to be fully explored.

So, whether you are in the depths of desire or despair, Healthista will endeavour to dig deep into the whirlpool of swanky dinner dates, hotel happenings and romantic strolls along the Embankment, to the promiscuous nature of casual sex and the dreaded new age of finding oneself ghosted…

Love, sex & dating apps - questions unanswered FEATURE

Love Lust London

Love, sex & dating apps – questions unanswered

Date me tender, Tinder. In a world where love, sex and dating apps are intrinsically intertwined, how does one find their true love from their next fling?

Love Lust London

Does the perfect partner exist or should we compromise to find love?

Wherefore art thou Richard St Bain? My dear trio, if only I could fuse you all into one. LLL's Ksenia Lavrentieva reveals her 80/20 theory on how to find love

Love Lust London

The Narcissist in my Bedroom

Love, Lust, London's Ksenia Lavrentieva explores and reveals exactly what it's like to date a narcissist (so you don't have to)

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