Healthista's answer to menopause; Menostart: Press play, not pause.
The Menopause Pack

Menopause made easy.

Healthista has hand-picked 7 leading UK health and wellness experts, who offer their expert advice on all things menopause.

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  • ‘This activity has been pivotal in improving the menopause experience of our colleagues here at Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The feedback has been heartfelt, including, ‘I was genuinely suffering before you gave me the chance to hear from professionals.’

    Following the continued work with Dr Dawn Harper & Healthista, women have openly stated how helpful we are as an organisation in supporting them and their symptoms of menopause. It has been instrumental in our aim to become an accredited menopause friendly organisation.

    The Healthista Menopause Pack has been recognised by the People Committee, and has been fully supported by the NHS organisation.’

    Gavin Portier, Head of Organisational Development, EDI & Wellbeing, DBTH

  • ‘I have asked my husband to complete the programme too – he has since been more understanding of why I am irrational at times and is much more patient with me. My son is 26 and works for the ambulance service, I have also encouraged him to complete the programme. He will be caring for patients who may be experiencing the same symptoms, he also has a partner who in time may experience the menopause, it shouldn’t just be women who access the learning – our men should stand side by side with us too’.

    Carol O

  • ‘I am now more focused, determined, happier and definitely more positive, but most importantly, I have now accepted the new me.’

    Lorna C

  • ‘Prior to the pack I felt in the dark a little. Information regarding menopause has been minimal, and a consultation with the GP was about 15 minutes. Since starting the pack, I feel supported and the nutrition presentation is inspiring.’

    Eleanor B

  • ‘The pack has helped me to be more vocal about my symptoms to friends, family and colleagues as I now know they are normal symptoms to have and I don’t feel embarrassed.’

    Kay H

  • ‘I am pre-menopausal and I believe that with the knowledge I have gained, I will be able to embrace menopause with confidence and positivity.’

    Mufaro M

  • ‘I found the whole internet very confusing when researching menopause myself, this pack has put all the accurate information and helpful advice in one place, which makes it much easier, and you know it comes from a reputable source with up to date information.’

    Sue C

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The Digital Pack

Changing the face of Menopause one woman at a time

The Healthista Menopause Pack is a fully comprehensive online video workshop, covering all aspects of the menopause.

With expert advice and information from 7 credible industry experts, we hope this online resource will help women navigate their way through common health and wellness changes they may experience before, after and during the menopause.

From medical information, nutritional advice and physiological help to bespoke workouts, sexual wellness guidance and audio meditations – our carefully curated group of experts cover every aspect of the menopause.

Led by Dr Dawn Harper, Healthista’s Menopause Pack – Menostart: Press Play, Not Pause, is an accessible, affordable, informative and inspiring modern health aid for women on the go, in managing their peri/menopausal symptoms.

With easy-to-understand advice you can trust, Healthista hopes to take away the fear of daunting medical information that the menopause currently reflects. 


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 [email protected]

Healthista is committed to helping women everywhere in making their transition through the menopause as easy as possible. 

Whether you’re peri-menopausal or already halfway through, our digital wellness pack aims to empower and educate you through your transition, no matter the stage. 

In a stigmatised sector where women struggle to manage their symptoms and where health services have failed, Healthista hopes to reverse the taboo, by taking the topic on this natural process mainstream.

Every woman will experience the menopause – that’s over half of the population! We believe it’s time for women to come together and take control of their menopause during this significant hormonal change.

With the scientific and mindful advances of today, it has never been easier to seek help.

We want to encourage everyone to move the menopause conversation  from behind closed doors and bring it forward into the workplace and beyond. 

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Did you know?


  • Globally 47 million women experience menopause annually.1 
  • 75% of women experience menopause symptoms globally, such as hot flushes and night sweats. By 2025 – 1 billion women will experience menopause symptoms, that’s 12% of the global population.2 
  • With 60% work productivity days lost globally due to menopausal symptoms, which equates to productivity loss of over $150 billion, leading to a global healthcare burden of $810 billion.2
  • 78% of women surveyed said menopause had interfered with their lives, with 64% feeling unprepared and 32% said their doctor did not feel comfortable in talking to them about their menopause.2
  • Research conducted by Holland & Barrett revealed that ‘two thirds of women say they do not talk about the menopause, with 61% citing the fear of being ‘judged’ and treated differently as the reason’. 7


  • There are currently 15 million women going through the menopause in the UK alone, with 75% experiencing debilitating symptoms, some lasting decades.3
  • 88% of menopausal women need more support at work, yet nearly 90% don’t know if their employer has a clear menopause policy.8  
  • It’s estimated that 14 million working days are lost every year to time taken off to alleviate menopausal symptoms, which equates to £1.88 billion in lost productivity.4
  • Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the UK, according to the Office of National Statistics.
  • The British Menopause Society found that 45% of women surveyed, felt that menopause symptoms had a negative impact on their work.5 
  • A lack of menopause support is actually pushing women out of work, with almost 1 million women in the UK, leaving their jobs as a result of menopausal symptoms.6
1 National Library of Medicine | 2 Forbes | 3 Nuffield Health Survey | 4 Health & Her Research Commission | 5 The British Menopause Society | 6 Bupa & CIPD Survey 2019 | 7 Holland & Barrett Research | 8 GenM Invisibility Report

What Is In The Pack?

Downloadable PDF’s

x6 downloadable PDF key fact sheets – easy to follow recap summary from each expert.

Over 40 Videos
x5 experts covering all aspects of your menopausal journey, led by Dr Dawn Harper.
Audio Guided Meditations

x3 Audio Meditations: Sleep, Anxiety, Acceptance & Self-Love.

Food Recipe PDF’s
x9 delicious yet simple high-protein recipes – breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Bespoke Workouts

x6 workouts focussing on strength and balance exercises for menopause.

Private Facebook Group

Access to Menostart Community – for ongoing support and advice.


How do I access the course?
  • When the course becomes available click the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • This will take you through to the checkout, where you will be asked to create an account.
  • Upon receipt of payment you can login and gain access to the course curriculum
  • Where you can watch videos, listen to guided meditations, download PDF’s, keep a food, mood and fitness diary and have exclusive access to the Facebook Group.
  • From the dashboard you can also edit your personal and payment details and keep track of your orders.
  • You have a 12 month access from the date of purchase, so you have plenty of time to work through the course at a pace that suits you.
  • Downloadable features can be kept forever as well as the private Facebook access where you can get further help, advice and support.
How will I benefit from this course?
  • You will receive informative facts and support by qualified professionals, which is not intended to replace personal advice from your own doctor or other health professional.
  • Be given tools to navigate and aid your transition and symptoms, covering mind and body.
  • Time saving, quick and easy access to reliable information all in one place – with no daunting medical jargon!
  • Understand the process of menopause and its effect on your body.
  • It will help you to recognise and take control of your symptoms.
  • Worry and anxiety that surrounds the menopause, will be put into perspective and lessened.
  • Myths are debunked and the stigma is lifted.
  • Empowering and educational resources, helping you to embrace the change.
  • A crash course to your menopause.
  • Inclusivity; the following information has been made for EVERY PERSON with a womb. Even though the word women is used in terms of biology within this series, please know we are here for everyone, no matter your gender, age or race.


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The Digital Pack contains generic advice and information and is not intended to replace specific advice from your own doctor or other health professionals. Before following any guidance, please consult with your GP or other relevant health professional if you: consider it necessary; have any concerns about your health; are not sure whether the guidance is suitable for you; have any pre-existing health problems, injuries, or any current symptoms.